New FREE feature: Traffic Analytics

A new, privacy-first website traffic analytics solution is here!

If you are running a website, there’s a chance you are using Google Analytics to monitor the website traffic, get insight into user behavior and observe the performance of your content.

What if there’s a better solution than a clunky Google Analytics dashboard? 😉

We created a new Awwwsome Cloud feature – the Traffic Analytics! It’s a simple, light-weight, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. So, stop scrolling through pages of reports and collecting gobs of personal data about your visitors, both of which you probably don’t need. Our website stats show up on a single, blazingly fast dashboard so you can make business decisions quickly.

Why Traffic Analytics are better than Google Analytics? 🤔

Simple website analytics
Our analytics give you just what you need: your top content, top referrers and a few more useful details. Everything you need is on a single screen, so you can use the data to make decisions quickly.

No cookies notices
Because Traffic Analytics doesn’t collect any personal data and we’re GDPR and CCPA compliant, you don’t need cookie notices (we don’t even use cookies).

Zero impact on performance of your website
The Traffic Analytics script is 1.6 KB. Google Analytics has a total file-size of 45.7 KB, which means it takes a lot longer to load any website with Google Analytics installed. Faster websites, funnily enough, are rewarded by search engines like Google.

Avoid ad-blockers that Google Analytics is blocked by
Research shows that at least 30% of internet users have some form of ad-blocker installed. That means that 30% of internet users are blocking Google Analytics from tracking them right now. So these users are invisible in your reports! On the other hand, the Traffic Analytics does not track or store any personal information, so it can bypass ad-blockers.

How to get access?

Traffic Analytics is accessible in your WordPress dashboard. Simply, find the “Traffic Analytics” tab in the sidebar.

How much does it cost?

The Traffic Analytics feature is free as long as the number of “Site views” is matching your hosting plan limit. Easy and simple. If you go over the limit, we will reach out to you to discuss upgrading the hosting plan. No surprising charges.

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