What security measures is Awwwsome taking to ensure my website is safe?

Servers & infrastructure

We regularly perform assessments of the security of our infrastructure. We are using keyed access to all servers with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled whenever possible.

Our engineering team performs regular upgrades to ensure our infrastructure is running on the most recent versions of the software components.

WordPress websites

The Awwwsome support team may occasionally need to access your website administrator dashboard in order to deploy upgrades, resolve requests submitted by you, or to assist you with any questions you may have sent our way.

For every website we maintain, we create an administrator user in WordPress that has a unique password. Our support team members do not know this password. Instead, they are using a single-sign-on system to access your administrator dashboard. The single-sign-on system access is protected with 2FA. All activity is being logged and stored for 5 days years to compliance reasons.

If you discovered a vulnerability or if you would like to report a security incident, please send us a message to [email protected]

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