What kind of Service Level Agreement is Awwwsome offering?

Best-Effort Policy for the WordPress & WooCommerce Maintenance Services

We are using a best-effort policy to handle the inbound WordPress maintenance requests. Awwwsome will always be resolving critical and high priority issues first (example: website is down, the website is not functioning correctly).

Usually, we are resolving the incoming requests right away (for example during the live chat sessions) or, in case of more complicated requests, in a few hours.

The Hosting Service Level Agreement

Application uptime in 30 days: 99%

The Hosting Service Level Agreement Conditions

The Service Level Agreement excludes the events that are caused by scheduled maintenance. Maintenance event notices are published on the Awwwsome Status Page – https://status.awwwsome.cloud

Awwwsome will compensate WordPress Website Owner in the event that service standards are not met. Compensation will be in the form of discount coupons against the next monthly invoice. The WordPress Website Owner will receive a discount of five percent (5%) of your total fee (for the month in which the SLA was not met) for each hour in which We fail to meet standard service levels. Collectively, these are referred to as SLA Discounts. SLA Discounts are based on our monitoring, may not exceed the total amount of fees you have paid to us for the month in which we failed to meet the service standards, may not be aggregated, and will not be paid in cash.

Should we fail to meet the service standards goal as a result of scheduled outages, emergency maintenance, or Force Majeure Events, the SLA Discount policy will not be applicable.

If the failure to meet the service standards is based on a non-standard environment, customer authored code, or changes to the WordPress Website by parties other than Awwwsome, you will not be entitled to any SLA Discounts.

Please note that service availability refers to services provided by Awwwsome and related services, and in no case, are we guaranteeing here the service Availability of our cloud infrastructure providers.

Third-Party SLAs

Cloudflare SLA (Business tier is required)

Postmark SLA

StackPath SLA

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