What are transactional emails?

To ensure the best email delivery rate, every website hosted on our platform is getting an email gateway backed by Postmark.

The usage of Postmark as an email gateway is subject to Postmark’s Terms of Service, including their policy regarding transactional emails versus promotional emails.

Postmark defines a transactional email as a one-to-one email that a website user or customer is expecting to receive, such as a welcome email, notification of account creation, instructions for a password reset, receipts and other order-related emails. More information regarding Postmark and their policies can be found in their Terms of Service.

You may find examples of transactional and non-transactional emails here:

You may not send certain high-volume promotional emails (such as newsletters) through the WordPress website via a plugin or other means while using Postmark as an email gateway by way of Awwwsome.

If you want to send out the newsletter campaigns using your WordPress website, please contact us. We will help you set up a different service such as SendGrid or Mailgun.

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