What are the “visits”?

Awwwsome hosting plan limits are based on the total number of monthly visits to your website.

We define a “visit” as a request (generated by the real user or a bot) that results in serving a page. 

  • A single visit is one unique IP address logged per day (UTC). This means that a unique IP address can only count as one visit per day.
  • Pages and other dynamic requests are counted as visits.
  • Static assets such as images, css, js, and other files do not count as a visit, and are excluded.
  • Known bot user agents are counted as a visit.

The “visits” are being tracked by Fathom Analytics. You have access to the analytics as long as the subscription remain active.

The Fathom Analytics tracking may not be disabled at any time.

The overage will be charged automatically to the card you added to the account, on the “month-versary” (the day of the month the subscription was set up).

The overage fee is $2 per 1,000 extra visits.

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