What are the scaling resources?

All websites hosted on our platform have access to dedicated resources such as RAM and CPU. The amount of reserved resources determines what traffic your website may handle.

Simple WordPress websites are doing well with low resources and thanks to our several caching layers, they are able to handle quite significant traffic peaks.

WooCommerce websites, on the other hand, may require more resources to handle the traffic as they cannot be cached so aggressively (for example we cannot cache the cart or the checkout pages as each visitor needs to see a unique page). That makes WooCommerce websites more demanding and in case of even moderate traffic you may want to select Pro or Business plan to make sure there’s enough margin of the resources.

Keep in mind that also plain WordPress websites may require extra resources if you are running many plugins or some of them are very demanding. There are certain plugins that are bypassing the cache and require processing on every query which generates a significant load on the server.

We are allowing “resources boost” and we are allocating additional resources to your website if the usage is growing temporarily above the limit. If the resources usage is constantly over the limit and running at the “boost” level, we will reach out to you to discuss upgrading to a higher plan.

Typically, the resources level usage limits are as follow:

Low resources scaling
Regular – 512 MB RAM and 1.6 GHz CPU
Boost – 1 GB RAM and 3.2 GHz CPU

Medium resources scaling
Regular – 1 GB RAM and 3.2 GHz CPU
Boost – 2 GB RAM and 6.4 GHz CPU

High resources scaling
Regular – 2 GB RAM and 6.4 GHz CPU
Boost – 4 GB RAM and 12 GHz CPU

Our team will be happy to help you select the optimal plan. We are also monitoring the performance of your site on a regular basis, so we will let you know when we notice a chance to limit the resources usage.

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