The Link Monitor

What is Link Monitor?

Link Monitor is an automated tool that checks the links in all posts and pages on a website. The resulting Link Monitor report will provide you an overview of:

  • Response codes
  • Link URLs
  • Link text
  • Which content the link belongs to

Why is Link Monitor helpful?

Link Monitor automatically hunts down broken links on your website(s). Unresponsive or broken links are bad for SEO, can lead to poor user experience, lost revenue, and a loss of trust by the visitor. 

How much does Link Monitor cost?

The cost is included in active maintenance subscriptions; it is not a separate additional fee.

How often is Link Monitor run?

In addition to the initial scan, Link Monitor will run through all the links on your monitored site once a month. You will be notified quickly if any issue with links is discovered.

What are the limitations of Link Monitor?

Link Monitor can scan a maximum of 10,000 links per website.

What’s the next step if broken links are found?

We provide a XLS report along with information on how much time (budget) is needed to fix the broken links. On our Unlimited (or legacy Unlimited) subscription plan, the first 50 link fixes are on us.

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