Automatic link monitor

We’re introducing automated broken link checking for your website(s). The additional cost? Nada. It is included in your maintenance subscription.

Link Monitor will check the links in all posts and pages on a website and provide you with an overview of:

  • Response codes
  • Link URL
  • Link text
  • Which content the link belongs to

In addition to the initial scan, Link Monitor will run through all the links on your monitored site once a month.

We will notify you quickly if any issue with links is discovered.

So, we found broken links. Now what? We can help you fix them (we’ll provide you with an hourly estimate; if you’re signed up for our Unlimited tier the first 50 link repairs are on us) or you can work with your internal team to get these fixed up.

Note that there is a limitation of 10,000 link checks per website.

Why we’re doing this: Unresponsive or broken links are bad for SEO. No one wants to have bad SEO! Broken links can lead to poor user experience, lost revenue, and a loss of trust by the visitor. Yikes. Link monitor is another way Awwwsome is able to show you we care.

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