Agency Partners Program

Grow your brand with us.

What are the benefits?

Reliable hosting and maintenance services

We take care of the infrastructure management so you can concentrate on your core responsibilities.

Unlimited scalability

Whether it's about technical resources, infrastructure, or the developers, there's no need to worry about scaling issues - it's on us.

Simple contracts and terms of service

We hate adding problems. Our contracts and Terms of Service are fair and super simple.

White-label services

Are you looking for white-label support or hosting? Awwwsome is your best bet. We can work with you to come up with a set of white-label services such as email support over custom email domain, branded chat-bot, custom CDN domains, branded maintenance reports, and more!

Discounted pricing

Agency Partners' discounts are up to 50% off on all plans.

Access to beta features

We are regularly releasing new hosting and maintenance features. As an Agency Partner, you'll get beta-access for free.

Access to exclusive apps and features

Agency Partners have access to exclusive tools that aren't available for regular clients, such as a branded chatbot, analytics dashboards, and outbound email monitoring.

Direct communication over Twist

We love working closely with our Agency Partners. We will invite you to our Twist team (a Slack alternative) so you can chat with us directly. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Access to marketing strategies and playbooks

Our SEO and marketing specialists are always ready to help you strategize marketing activities. Are you planning a promo? We'll help you optimize the tools and methods so it would be successful.

Awwwsome can help accelerate the growth of your agency

Free onboarding for your clients' websites

We will take care of onboarding your clients’ websites. Every onboarded websites will receive the latest updates and special optimization to ensure theyr’e running as fast as possible.

Direct access to our internal tools and communication channels

We prefer to collaborate closely. We’ll give you access to our internal communication tools such as Twist and our project management software so you will be always up-to-date with the status of work.

You will also get access to special high-priority email support.

We will help you grow and expand your brand

We often work with individuals and small agencies that are in the pre-growth phase. We help them scale up quickly and grow the customer base.

We are happy to share our experience with you, so you can become successful and sustainable.

Become an Agency Partner today

How to qualify

We work with individual marketers, SEO specialists, and agencies, so we created these two simple requirements to qualify for our Agency Partners program:

1. You must be providing your services to external clients.

The Agency Partners program is dedicated to individuals and agencies that are selling products and services to external clients. We cannot accept you as an Agency Partner if you are providing services just for your own company (for example: a different department or a different branch of the same parent company).

2. You must onboard at least 3 websites on our platform.

You need to run at leat 3 websites on Awwwsome Cloud. It includes your company website so you just need to onboard two clients!

Become an Agency Partner today!

We will contact you to discuss the terms and we will prepare a special quote just for you.