Your personal WordPress & WooCommerce task force

We handle WordPress website maintenance and administration assistance services for website owners and white-label agency partners. It’s our mission to manage your WordPress and WooCommerce websites fully, whether you’re in charge of just one of the hundreds of them. It’s like having your own WordPress & WooCommerce task force!

Fully-Managed Updates

We regularly update WordPress, themes, and the plugins on your website. Our team will handle the heavy lifting for you!

Regular Security & Performance Checks

Every day, we check the performance of your website and scan your website to discover security issues.

WordPress Optimized Cloud Hosting

Our hosting is tuned to provide the best performance for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Custom Development

Are you looking to extend the functionalities of your website? We develop custom plugins, themes and features. The sky is the limit!

UI/UX Design

We create digital products that are not just beautiful and easy to use, but also deliver excellent results to your business.


We help companies get found online and generate more traffic, leads, and revenue.

All the cool and useful features to grow your online business

An all-in-one WordPress platform that takes away all the hassle of running or managing a website.

Cloud Hosting

The fastest WordPress and WooCommerce hosting possible — blazing fast servers equipped with SSD, carefully crafted software, and multiple caching layers will give a fantastic boost for your website.

Daily Backups

We can back up your site daily or in real-time. The encrypted copies are stored in an off-site location for 60 days. We can restore your website anytime.

Running on Containers

All sites are running in highly-isolated containers with dedicated resources (CPU and RAM). No more slow-downs and sluggish WordPress.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

It's 2020, after all. The free SSL by Let's Encrypt is enabled for all sites hosted on Awwwsome Cloud. It encrypts the traffic between your site and visitor, making it safe and secure.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We keep an eye on your website 24/7. When a downtime is detected, we restore your site before your visitors notice that.

Daily Security Checks

Every day, we scan your website to discover security issues (such as malware or known vulnerabilities). No need to worry about fixing them - it’s on us.

Daily Performance Checks

We make daily performance check to detect extended loading times or other issues that may slow-down your site. When there's something off - we handle the fixing.

Developer Friendly

Are you a developer? Great! On Awwwsome, you may deploy your code directly from git using our dedicated CI/CD.

Pro-Active UI & UX Checks

Our team members are regularly checking out your website to discover UI or UX issues and provide suggestions. We care about your site as if it was our own site!

Fully Managed Updates

We regularly update WordPress, themes, and the plugins on your website. Our team handles the heavy lifting for you!

Support & Trainings

Our team of experts is ready to assist you. Whether it’s email, live chat, or social media, we reply quickly and provide support when you need it.

Staging Environment

Build, test, or break features in a separate staging environment. Your live site will be safe!

Link Monitor

Every month, we scan your website to discover broken links. No more SEO issues because of redirect loops, broken links, or non-existing content.

Search Engine Rank Monitor

We help you understand how your site is doing against competitors and how easy (or difficult) is to find your website on Google.

Image Optimization

We resize, optimize and convert (to webp) every image uploaded to your website to make sure your site loads fast.

Content Delivery Network

Our CDN has shown to decrease the loading time for users worldwide up to 80%, thanks to 42 global points of presence and 100% NVMe servers.

Google Analytics Dashboard

No more switching between Google Analytics and WordPress. We will add Google Analytics dashboard to your WordPress administrator area. The stats are also visible for each individual page.

Postmark Email Gateway

No more emails lost in transit, bounced or flagged as SPAM. We are using Postmark to send all outbound emails.

Maintenance Reports

Every month, we will send you maintenance reports that include a detailed list of all updates we performed, as well as a summary of security and performance metrics.

Dedicated ActiveCollab Project

We are using ActiveCollab to plan and manage the work. You will get access, to be always up-to-date and collaborate with us directly.

WordPress Hardening

We secure your site to make it bullet-proof. What's included? The Audit logs, 2-factor authentication, blacklist monitoring, IP lockout device, core, plugin and theme code checker, and login masking.

White-Label Services

If you are looking for white-label support, maintenance, development, or hosting services — we can provide you with the right solutions.

Custom WordPress Development

Can’t quite fit a plugin that functions they way you need it to? Looking to add a feature that your chosen theme doesn’t quite have? Awwwsome’s highly experienced development team is ready to take on this challenge.

Premium Plugins & Themes

Elementor Pro, WooCommerce Extensions - you name it. There’s a chance we can add it for free and you won’t need to pay extra for a license.

An exceptional Cloud Hosting Platform

We partnered with Flywheel to provide you the best WordPress hosting possible.

Flywheel’s infrastructure is optimized to give your WordPress site maximum uptime and insanely fast page speeds. The container technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform enables us to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between.

Awwwsome has been named the first (and the only) Flywheel’s Gold Agency Partner in Poland!

Loved by innovative and quickly-growing brands all over the world

Awwwsome has been an extension of our team for years.

For a medium-sized company like us where it doesn’t make sense to have an engineering team in-house, Awwwsome is the perfect solution. The value they provide to our business makes their services extremely affordable.

They are incredibly responsive. Project estimations and turnaround times are phenomenal. We love how transparent they are with all of their work and their communication is thorough and timely.

Awwwsome handles all of the technical side of our online business so that we can focus on what we do best and grow. I highly recommend their services.

Eli Kerr

Eli Kerr

CEO | Gnarly Nutrition

I have worked with few teams who are as responsive, capable, and dedicated as the Awwwsome team.

We are located half a world away and yet they are always available and the communication is clear and timely. We were very impressed with their design sense and they proved their technical expertise. Awwwsome is our go-to team for the future.

Tim Holladay

Tim Holladay

Managing Partner | Spacestation Investments

Let's build something awwwsome together.